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Get the Guide to Evaluating a Vendor's Post Sales Support Before You Buy.

Can you be sure a new vendor will stand behind its equipment after you sign the purchase order?

How-to-Evalute-Post-Sales-Support_MockupEven if the design looks right for your needs, the price is in the ballpark, and the company promises to meet your delivery time frame, how can you feel confident they'll effectively support you in the future?

When it comes to making a large capital investment like process heating equipment, evaluating post-sale service is just as important as evaluating the product itself. But how can you get trustworthy information?

Use this guide to help you get a realistic picture of a potential supplier’s service and support operation. It includes:

  1. What you can tell from pre-sale support. 
  2. What to look for in a support team.
  3. An overview of 6 critical support offerings to look for. 

Feel confident about your capital equipment purchase. Ensure your vendor offers you the support you need.